Burp! – Did you get that?

This is an Italian/Mexican restaurant on New BEL Road on the 4th Floor. Reached here drenched due to the Heavy rains bartering Bangalore. I started my evening with a serving of French Fries that were made hot and spicy to complement the cold weather outside.

I then moved on to the Cream of Chicken Soup which had the right consistency to make it easier to slurp it. Having the Fish & Chips now. Crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. That’s how the Fish and Chips needs to be and that’s how they served it. Just right!

How many of us love Lasagna? Most of do, at least if we love Continental Cuisine.
This is a place that serves a less familiar variation of it called the Egg-Plant Lasagna. Made with Aubergines, Cheese and Ragu Sauce, this was a lovely dish, tasty till the last bite.

A Mexican favorite is the Fajita. Chicken Fajita made with Sauteed veggies was again very tasty.

The Pepperoni Pizza had a generous serving of Pepperoni and Cheese which left you wanting for more.

The Chef prepared Salami rolled in Chicken Stuffing and that was the final dish we had there. Delicious, again!

2 things worth noting – The Service is prompt and the food is worth every penny.

The Chef is also a very nice guy – Chef Saha. We had a nice chat – He explained how he makes the sauces and I told him how I make my sauces at home. They even have a see-through kitchen with the ingredients neatly stacked.

The experience was a very great one. Looking forward to returning here for a nice dinner again!

Author: Stephen Pradeep Kotian

A Gourmand and a Wine Enthusiast from Bangalore with immense love for food and wine! I'm also a Technology Geek who writes on Emerging Technology and Gadgets @ http://www.everythingtech.in.

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