Tempted to try Tempteys?

Tempteys, a well-established brand from Hyderabad known for their Thick Shakes, has now stepped into the Murky, Thick waters of Bangalore and all ready to wade in.
We visited them last evening and had a great experience. We tried the Awesome Oreo, Berry feast, Red velvet, Marshmallow, Raspberry, Blue fall, Choco hazel hut, Coffee Caramel and Ola granola.
Make ur own shake, an innovative idea was wonderful. We tried a choco shake made with a Gelato base and Snickers, Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, and Toblerone. Definitely one of the best shakes I’ve had.
Moreover, it is done with awesome precision. Each item is measured before preparation so you get the same taste if you had it the next time.
We were also told that the Chefs are trained in Hyderabad before they prepare our awesome thick shakes at each of these outlets.
Their service is awesome to complement the mouth-watering shakes they prepare.
Great work folks, looking forward to more outlets in the days ahead.

Author: Stephen Pradeep Kotian

A Gourmand and a Wine Enthusiast from Bangalore with immense love for food and wine! I'm also a Technology Geek who writes on Emerging Technology and Gadgets @ http://www.everythingtech.in.

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