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A newly opened Vietnamese restaurant sits on the Bustling Junction of CMH Road and 100 ft Road in Indiranagar Opp to the Bengaluru Metro Pillar 64. This restaurant takes its name from ‘Banh Mi’ n ‘Wok’. Bánh mì (Vietnamese: ɓǎɲ mî) refers to a type of sandwich consisting of a Vietnamese single-serving baguette, split lengthwise and filled with various ingredients. A Vietnamese baguette is fluffier than a Western baguette, with a much thinner crust. A wok (Cantonese: 鑊) is an all-purpose round-bottomed cooking vessel, with its origins from China. It is very prevalent in South China, particularly the Guangdong Province.

The owner lived in Vietnam for over a year and researched local cuisine before opening a restaurant in Bangalore, a city already with an abundance of Pan-Asian Cuisine restaurants.

A Self-service styled restaurant has a great ambiance and a neat decor.
A nice place for a Casual evening dining.

A few of us friends visited here last evening and were welcomed with a warm greeting by the staff.
There are multiple counters to order food and a nice but scary buzzer placed conveniently on the table lets you know when you’re piping hot food is ready for consumption.

We ordered a few items which were worth a mention.
Tom Kha Soup (Non-Veg) – Although this had Chicken/Prawns as an option, we chose Prawns. The Lemon Grass stem was nicely boiled along with the right amount of spices to give us the special aromatic flavor of a Pan Asian Soup.
Stir Fried Chilli Prawns – Bland but well-sauteed prawns with tail on, tickled our taste buds well. We all ordered an extra plate to just fill our senses.

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