Lunch @ an Andhra restaurant – Spice Kitchen in Kalyan Nagar

A newly opened restaurant in Kalyan Nagar on the main road has a nice ambience.
We visited this place last week and were informed that the recipes have been handed down from generations and they aim to serve authentic Andhra food.

We started with the Fresh Lime Soda and quickly proceeded on to starters.
We tried their Chicken 65 which was one of the best Chicken 65 variants I have tried in a long time.
We then moved on to Mutton liver fry, Quail dry, turkey roast, Aloo 65, baby corn dry and gongura kodi karam
The starters had a good mix of spices and were presented well.

For the main course we tried a Veg Thali which included a Spinach pappu.
Unlike many other Andhra restaurants that serve a fixed version of the Thali. Here, dishes for the Thali change on a daily basis.

Mutton Keema biryani, a Dum variant of their famous Mutton Biryani, and MLA Special Pottlu Biryani – Biryani with Chicken and Mutton Keema wrapped inside an Omlette.

A very savoury dish they serve is called Mutton Dalcha which is an Andhra variant of dal gosht.

They also have recently introduced a Chicken Pot Biryani – A new variant of their famous Biryani in a Pot.

For desserts we had Kheer, Sorekayi Halwa, and the Apricot Delight, a fusion twist to the famous apricot sweet, Qurbani ka meetha.

The service is quite good and the staff very courteous.
We met Vamsi who started the place who informed us that he wants his guests to experience the genuine taste and flavours of Andhra Cuisine.
Will visit again in the days ahead.

Author: Stephen Pradeep Kotian

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