Waffles are just awesome bread!!!

Bubblewrap Waffle Co – You wonder why have so many Waffle places started in the recent past. That’s because who doesn’t love Waffles?
As Leslie Knope once said – “We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.”
That’s very true. We love Waffles and this is one place that makes you come back for more. I’ve been here twice already and want to come again! and again! and again!
Two reasons, this place serves yum waffles! and the prices are quite right!

This time around, with friends, we had Tom & Jerry – A Dark Chocolate variant with Nutella and Chocolate Chips.
Rainbowtella – An Original variant with Nutella and gems (I loved to pick the gems from it).
Vegpop Waffwhich – Potato Fries sandwiched in a waffle with a generous serving of mustard sauce on top.
Awesome Twosome – White chocolate drizzled on an original waffle with Nutella and nuts sprinkled on top.
Strawberry Cheesecake – An original Waffle served with strawberry jam, Ice cream topped with whipped cream and a generous serving of freshly cut strawberry pieces.
Banoffee – A waffle covered with a sliced banana, whipped cream and ice cream with some cookies topped with caramel sauce – I’m sure my Minion friends – Bob, Kevin and Stuart would love this.
Desi Darling – As the name suggests, it is a desi variant of the Waffle. It is topped with the humble Gulkand, Ice cream, Whipped cream and Banana, topped with cherries.
Margarita Pizza – A variant of the thin crust 6″ pizza with a sumptuous serving of cheese.
A must try if you visit South Bangalore!

Author: Stephen Pradeep Kotian

A Gourmand and a Wine Enthusiast from Bangalore with immense love for food and wine! I'm also a Technology Geek who writes on Emerging Technology and Gadgets @ http://www.everythingtech.in.

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