Dinner @ Chavadi

Chavadi – A local word for Verandah in Malayalam. This is a place you must visit.

On the outside, you’ll find a plain building. A rooftop view of greenery with a mini library. When you enter, you’ll see a wall filled with pics of happy customers. Then there’s a letterbox from where you can send a letter to your loved ones, and a charity wall. There is also an art and a message wall on the right. Then there is an open bar. A unique thing is a wood-fired pizza corner and a lovers wall. The lovers can lock their engagement with a lock on lovers wall. They also have a terrace garden where they grow all the spices used in their dishes.

Frozen Mango – An amazing drink with crushed mango.
Hulk Lemonade – Am amazing mocktail, soda based.

Lebanese Lamb Kofta – An interesting blend of Indian and Mediterranean flavors.
Prawn Tempura with Wasabi Mayo Sauce – The prawn crackers are delicious with the wasabi mayo.
Deviled Eggs – Boiled eggs flavored with mustard and spices was good.
Button Mushroom Fritters – this was amazing, two mushrooms stuffed and grilled.
Campfire Potatoes – Tasted nice.
Margherita Pizza – Good taste.

We tried Guava, Coconut, Gulab Jamun flavor ice creams.
Tiramisu – Was drizzled with excess chocolate powder.

Awesome service. Great tasting food.

Author: Stephen Pradeep Kotian

A Gourmand and a Wine Enthusiast from Bangalore with immense love for food and wine! I'm also a Technology Geek who writes on Emerging Technology and Gadgets @ http://www.everythingtech.in.

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