A Tiki Bar called 3 Dots and a Dash

The story behind the Name

Since the invention of Morse code by Samuel Finley Breese Morse in 1836, …- or three dots and a dash always symbolized the letter V for Victory, but with the launch of the second outlet by the Famous Brand 3 Dots and a Dash in JP Nagar, it now symbolizes great food. The name, as unique as the drinks served here, is inspired by a drink made by one of the greatest cocktail creators ‘Don the Beachcomber’. Ernest Raymond Gantt created this drink as a tribute to the American soldiers who fought in WWII.

The biggest Tiki bar in Bangalore has some creative and awesome cocktails.

We visited them at the launch of their new Menu.
Like the doors of the lift in the movie Men in Black that open the other side to an all-new world tucked away behind those unsuspecting doors, the doors of the lift here open up to an exotic world, designed to snugly fit in as a retro – oasis in the desert of one’s hectic life.


Melon Feta Salad – Water Melon and Musk Melon cubes served with Feta Cheese garnishing.


Chicken Tom Yum Soup – The Tom Yum (Thai: ต้มยำ), a type of hot and sour Thai soup usually cooked with shrimp, traces it’s origins to Thailand. It’s the Thai equivalent to the Shorbas served in local restaurants in India.


Beet-Beet Zing Kebab – Smashed Beetroot turned into a Kebab.
Peanut Tikki – Crunchy Tikki made with Crunchy Peanuts. Accompanied with Mint Chutney.
Almond Yogurt Kebab – Minced Chicken Kebabs with some spices dipped in a Yoghurt batter.
Chicken Wrapped Prawn – Prawns wrapped in a Battered Supreme Chicken piece topped with some spices.

Main Course

Pork Hawaiian Curry – Pork curry prepared Goan style.
Fish & Prawn Hawaiian Curry – Inspired by the Portuguese rule of Goa with a little Goan curry.
Chicken Noodles – A Vietnamese style, Pad Thai noodles with marinated Chicken and Exotic sauce.
Chicken Tikka Pizza – Pizza with Chicken Tikka Masala sauce and drizzled with loads of Cheese
Cottage Cheese Pizza – A Pizza with a Desi twist. Marinated Tikka Sauce again drizzled with loads of Cheese


Butter Raisin Cake – Rich, buttery, and so yummy! Served with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, this dessert had a very smooth taste.

Chef’s Special Dessert – Nutella empanadas with ice cream with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.



Pineapple Paradise – A mix of rum and Caribbean Rum served Hawaiian style.
Zombie Punch – A concocted mixture of White Rum, Gold Rum, Brandy infused with Pineapple and Orange Juices and Bitters. Legend has it that DB created this for a Hung-over customer for a Business meeting who felt like a Zombie after drinking this High alcoholic drink. This is Beach’s original from 1934 as translated by Jeff “Beachbum Berry” in his book Sippin’ Safari.
Carribean Cooler – A refreshing cocktail made with Vodka and Caribbean Rum, flavored with Blue Curacao and Cranberry Juice served in a Tender Coconut shell with Tender Coconut water still in it.
Three Dots and a Dash – A drink tweaked by the folks here with Brandy, White Rum, Apple Juice and Red Bull. It has a signature over-the-top garnish, a trademark of the Tiki genre with three cherries and a piece of pineapple to symbolize the Three Dots and a Dash.


Jacob’s Creek, White Wine










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