Punjabi Cuisine @ Punjab Grill

Located on the 4th Floor of the Orion Mall is a Fine Dining restaurant that serves delectable Punjabi Cuisine. Does it ring a bell?
You guessed it right! Yes, it’s Punjab Grill.

I visited this place with a friend and was wowed by their service and the place itself.
We were greeted by a Warm Welcome from their Manager Jitender.
Chef Jaswant Singh and team had prepared a well-curated menu.


Murgh Badami Shorbha – Chicken Soup for the Soul. Prepared Punjabi Style, with mild Spices and just the right amounts of Crunchy Almonds.


Murg Tikka Punjab Grill – Succulent Chunks of Chicken Seeped in a perfect Blend of Cumin, Cream, Cheddar Cheese, and crushed Garlic Before Being Lightly Roasted in the Tandoor. A melt-in-the-mouth experience.
Bhatti Da Murgh – Juicy Chicken Legs delicately Marinated in Exotic Spices, Yoghurt and Moong, Completed to a Crisp Finish on the Bhatti – A delectable starter.
Ghee Roast Mutton Boti – Soft Mutton Chunks, Marinated with Indian Spices And Herbs, Chargrilled in the Tandoor. – Needed a little work.
Tawa Jheengha – Fresh Plumpy Jumbo Prawns, Marinated in a Citric Blend of Lemon Juice, Ajwain and Cardamom, Grilled Golden in the Tandoor. This needed a little more marination.


Murg Lababdar – A Delicious Chicken Variation. Cubes of Meat are cooked in a creamy Gravy. Lababdar, being a very soft and creamy textured gravy, made using Nuts, Cream, White sesame seeds, and some Poppy seeds. Tasted well with the Naan.
Lehsuni Naan – Butter Garlic Naan


A glass of Jacob’s Creek Classic Chardonnay (Vintage 2017) paired well with the Seafood and Chicken.


Author: Stephen Pradeep Kotian

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