Master Class with Master Chef and Restaurateur Sarah Todd

World-renowned celebrity Chef Sarah Todd (you probably remember her as a Finalist from MasterChef Australia 2014) was at Bangalore and Script Online (a venture by Godrej) as part of their #ScriptHuddle hosted a Master Class. It was nice to interact and be a part of the demonstration.

This 2-hour event included a knife plating masterclass where we got to learn how to use a  Sarah Todd style. And of course, if you remember anything from the show, her unparalleled plating skills make any dish look nothing less than a piece of art! She demonstrated how important plating is and how to plan for it.

One very important thing to note – Food should not just have a great taste, but also look appealing. Especially, when served to folks who come for the experience and not to just gobble up a few spoonfuls of food.
As someone who loves to cook and present not just a dish but a stunning piece of art on a plate, it was a nice opportunity to learn one of the best in the world! Script Online

Sarah showed us how to use different knives for different purposes. A Serrated knife to neatly slice off bread from a loaf.
A Utility knife to Chop, Peel, and Slice fruits.
Also, differences between Ceramic and Stainless Steel Knives.

She also displayed her unique plating skills by preparing an Avocado Toast.
A Lemon Tart Plating with Freshly Whipped Cream and Chocolate Shavings.

She also had a session on preparing salads in a Jar using Beetroot yogurt and Fresh vegetables.
The last session included a quick method to prepare Summer Mocktails for this unbearably hot Summer Season.

The Session ended with a Photo Shoot with the Chef.

I thank LBB and Script for hosting such an Amazingly Wonderful Session and giving an opportunity to be a part of this lovely afternoon.


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