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Could burgers be healthy and still taste good? The answer lies behind the walls of this new restaurant called InHouse Burgers.
This place was on my list for quite a while because I always believed Burgers were the first thing that came to mind when you talk about junk food.
With less oil, less Mayo, No Cheese and healthy ingredients, the folks at InHouse Burgers have done a great job of making healthy food tasty and appealing.

With 6 Outlets in Bangalore, they’ve proven that Burgers can someday be the mainstream food even for Calorie Conscious foodies.


Oat Shakes:

Choco-Hazelnut Oatshake
Vanilla Oatshake
Strawberry Oatshake
Mixed Berry Oatshake

Cold Pressed Juices:

Red Sun – A thick blend of Papaya, Carrot, Beetroot and Orange.
Immortal – Orange, Ginger, Carrot and Lime in a perfect blend. Tasted great too.
Green Lush – A mix of Cucumber, Ginger and Kiwi.
Spicy Lush – A blend of Watermelon, Jalapeno, Lime, Mint and Beetroot.


Jerk Chicken Salad – Caribbean Jerk Chicken Chunks in a Healthy Salad.
Smoked Jalapeno Salad – Smoked Jalapeno based Salad.
Veg Exotica Salad – With Sliced Black Olives, Mushroom and other exotic vegetables, this Salad is very tasty.


Bourbon Black Chicken Burger – Black from the Charcoal infused buns, this burger did not taste like there was even an ounce of Charcoal in it.
Classic Red Chicken Burger – Red from the Beetroot infused buns, this did not have a strong taste of Beetroot which made it all the more appealing.


Chicken Steak Hoagie – A Sub sandwich with a nice layered filling of Chicken Steak well done.
All Veggie Hoagie – Layered with all veggies, this Hoagie will fill you with sheer taste when you bite into the different layers of the Sub.


There were different varieties of Mojitos.
A Mint Mojito, A Blue Curacao, A Black Currant Mojito, A Strawberry Mojito and a Ginger Mojito.
All done well.

English Breakfast Non-Veg – Barbecued Sausages, Fried Egg, Bread Toast.
French Fries – I think one thing that goes well with any burger is a bowl of French Fries but how could you eat a bowl of deep-fried French Fries with such a healthy burger?
The exact reason why the Fries are baked and not deep-fried.

The service is quite great.

Author: Stephen Pradeep Kotian

A Gourmand and a Wine Enthusiast from Bangalore with immense love for food and wine! I'm also a Technology Geek who writes on Emerging Technology and Gadgets @

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