A Food Connoisseur, a Food Critic and a Wine Enthusiast with immense love for food and wine.

“He’s always loved hotel food more than home cooked food.” – Mom keeps telling everyone. She also claims that whenever I fell ill, eating from outside made me feel better.

My love for food spans many years. My friends suggested me to start relating my experiences and use that to help others.
Thus began my journey, writing on Zomato.
After a few years of writing on Zomato, I realized it was time to take it to the next level, and that’s how this Blog was formed. Much deliberation and many sleepless nights later, FoodnWine.in it was to be!

Why Food n Wine, some might ask?

A few glasses of Jacob’s Creek Classic Chardonnay during a review invite helped me appreciate the finer things in life, Wine being one among them. So, I decided to learn more about Wine and everything related to it.

That’s me relishing food below: