Delectable Seafood @ The Marina

Being a Mangalorean, we’ve had Seafood for Most meals. After having heard a lot about the Famous “The Marina” in Chennai, I was all excited to visit this place and try out the delicacies here. This place has a good variety of starters and main course dishes to make you want to love Seafood More. Studies have shown Seafood contains much fewer calories and are very rich in essential nutrients as well as Proteins, Omega 3 and other essential fatty acids, Vitamins C, D & E as well as Zinc. It also helps to maintain a healthy and a well […] Read More

Celebrating FBAB 10k @ Hoppipola

Literally meaning “love of jumping in puddles” in Icelandic, Hoppipola is an embodiment that you don’t need to be young to have fun. This is one of the popular pubs in Bangalore belonging to the Speciality Restaurant Group which owns over 100 restaurants. The group introduced its flagship hotel Mainland China and Oh! Calcutta 24 years ago. Most of their brands have multiple outlets in Bangalore. Hoppipola has 3 outlets in Bangalore and is also located in 6 other Indian cities. Inside you’ll find a quirky book section, small model airplanes suspended from the roof, video and board games, blackboard […] Read More

Souperman’s Kitchen

Yes, you heard it right! It is Souperman’s Kitchen and not Superman’s Kitchen. Located amidst the busy bustling streets of Koramangala 5th Block, situated just beside the park is a Cozy place that is a must visit if you like great food and awesome service. Started to create more awareness on Soups and its health benefits, it was to be a place that you drink soup to your heart’s fill. We visited this place for an evening snack and had a few items from a menu curated by the owner himself.  Mug-a-Soup: Chicken Clear Soup – Clear Chicken Soup with […] Read More

Victorinox Santoku Fluted Edge Knife

Santoku (Japanese: 三徳包丁; meaning “three virtues” or “three uses”) knives are a Japanese-style knife that has become more popular in the United States, with many versions being made in America as well as abroad. It refers to the three types of cuts the knife is designed for: slicing, dicing, and mincing. The blade has a flat cutting edge with the handle in line with the spine of the blade. At the end of the blade there is a rounded curve called a sheep’s foot, rather than a sharp point that is more common with western blades (see image to the […] Read More

Ici c’est Paris

When I heard UB City’s Cafe Noir was celebrating with a Special French Gastronomic Dinner, I was all excited. French Cuisine with one of their richest history has some of the most delectable dishes and this was no different. Added by the UNESCO in November 2010, to its list of the world’s “intangible cultural heritage”, knowledge of French cooking has significantly contributed to Western cuisines. Thierry Regis Jasserand, a long time resident of Bangalore who owns this fine place sat with us at our table and helped us understand more about the history of French Culture and Cuisine. The Frenchman […] Read More

Celebrating 35 years of Blessings @ Kava by Fairfield

They say one’s birthday is a Special Occasion because you get to Thank God for the Countless Blessings He’s showered on you throughout your past years and to look forward to many more in the years ahead. To celebrate 35 years of God’s Faithfulness in my life, I decided to visit Kava by Fairfield, Marriott yet again to be wowed by their impeccable service and delicious food prepared by my dear friend Chef Mallesh Doddla under the able guidance of Executive Chef Sudhir Nair. Today’s Innovations Tomorrow’s Trend by Chef Mallesh Grilled Asparagus with compressed watermelon salad (Chef’s Special Salad) – […] Read More

Celebrating Kerala’s Famous Kallu Shaap Cuisine

Vembanad @ The Paul celebrates Kerala’s Famous Kallu Shaap Cuisine Kallu Shaaps are Toddy Shops that are found along Kerala’s rich coastline. Meat is slow cooked in earthen pots for long hours, thereby allowing the meat to absorb all the masalas. The explosion of flavours in your mouth creates a lasting memory. Chefs from Kerala Kallu Shaaps prepare delicacies for you in this Season of Kallu Shaap Curriyum Naavile Ruchiyum. The transformation of the restaurant into a real Toddy shop with thatched coconut leaves and film posters of yesteryears makes it very appropriate for the occasion. The servers dressed in Kerala […] Read More

Elegant Parisian-style Cafe Noir

Café Noir is an elegant Parisian-style bistro-cafe that represents “L’Art de Vivre: The Art of Living, French Style” offering their customers a little affordable luxury, all along the day, with a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. You can discover high French quality food and everything for the sweet tooth from breakfast to dinner time making Café Noir, the perfect place to linger over utterly satisfying, simple, yet traditional meals. Café Noir constantly innovates by creating new pastries and dishes or reviving traditional French cuisine every week. The French love the small things in life. They love culture, dining out, shopping and […] Read More

Healthy food @ In House Burgers

Could burgers be healthy and still taste good? The answer lies behind the walls of this new restaurant called InHouse Burgers. This place was on my list for quite a while because I always believed Burgers were the first thing that came to mind when you talk about junk food. With less oil, less Mayo, No Cheese and healthy ingredients, the folks at InHouse Burgers have done a great job of making healthy food tasty and appealing. With 6 Outlets in Bangalore, they’ve proven that Burgers can someday be the mainstream food even for Calorie Conscious foodies. Food: Oat Shakes: […] Read More

Master Class with Master Chef and Restaurateur Sarah Todd

World-renowned celebrity Chef Sarah Todd (you probably remember her as a Finalist from MasterChef Australia 2014) was at Bangalore and Script Online (a venture by Godrej) as part of their #ScriptHuddle hosted a Master Class. It was nice to interact and be a part of the demonstration. This 2-hour event included a knife plating masterclass where we got to learn how to use a  Sarah Todd style. And of course, if you remember anything from the show, her unparalleled plating skills make any dish look nothing less than a piece of art! She demonstrated how important plating is and how to plan for it. […] Read More